The WPUFF disposable vape

Sep 24, 2022

What is a Wpuff?

The Wpuff is a single-use vape, very easy to use and recyclable again. It has different flavors and original tastes, it is also part of the puff world.

Liquideo makes you discover its novelties in terms of disposable cigarettes with this vape pen Wpuff. It offers you very popular and varied tastes such as: Marshmallow, Ice cream cookie, etc, ….

This disposable vape is very practical and easy to use. No configuration required or button to press, to vape, all you have to do is inhale through the mouthpiece. To start using it, you must first remove the small tab on the underside of the Wpuff. This will free up the airflow.

What is special about Wpuff compared to other puffs?

Wpuff is ready to use and easy to use: to have your puff and feel the sweet, fruity, candy, menthol, classic and even gourmet flavors, you just have to suck it in through your mouth.

Each wpuff has a capacity of 2ml e-liquid already filled. It can offer an autonomy of up to 600 puffs and also 2000 puffs depending on the choice of each vaper. It works thanks to its 550 mAh power battery, essential to supply it with energy.

Wpuff is available in a nicotine-free version and also has puffs with a nicotine level of 9 and 17 mg/ml.

What are the strengths of Wpuff?

The Wpuff disposable vape then allows a successful vape experience. It can be more of an alternative to smoking cessation because it has various original and evolved flavors that are very popular.

The Wpuff remains beneficial compared to the classic cigarette, thanks to its easy and practical use and without the need for maintenance. It does not need to be refilled with e-liquid, it is already filled.

On the other hand, you can enjoy an absolute, excellent and original taste of vape throughout your vaping moment with Wpuff.

What can we say about Wpuff CBD?

Liquideo expands its Wpuff range, and produces a new disposable cannabidiol e-cigarette ideal for lovers of CBD cigarettes. Wpuff CBD is therefore a disposable electronic cigarette like the classic puffs but it consists of the flavor of hemp or cannabis. On the other hand, its particularity is that it does not contain nicotine or chemicals that could be harmful to health. It has a relaxing, soothing and original taste thanks to the effects of cannabidiol.

What are the characteristics of Wpuff CBD?

CBD wpuffs work similarly to disposable nicotine cigarettes.

In addition, they have their own specific characteristics: they have a very original flavor with the taste of hemp, they also have a built-in battery with a power of 600 mAh. They can thus offer up to 600 puffs with a variable CBD rate according to the desired doses of the vapers.

The use of Wpuff CBD is very simple, it works without any button. When drawing, it automatically produces steam.

What are the benefits of Wpuff CBD?

Using disposable CBD cigarettes is an ideal way to start vaping.

Liquideo has provided these disposable CBD vapes to make cannabis lovers' dreams come true and provide them with an effective method to control their hemp content in their cigarette.

Like any disposable cigarette, CBD Wpuffs are ready to use and already contain CBD e-liquid, i.e. the CBD vape is already filled. It does not need to be recharged, and can be thrown away once emptied. It can be 95.8% recyclable. With a disposable CBD vape, no maintenance or know-how is required to be able to vape. Its use is very familiar like all other puffs.

When vaping the puff CBD, you can smell an original flavor of hemp or cannabis, with the different flavors mixed to choose from like Wpuff CBD Jesus Kush, Wpuff CBD Kerozen KUsh, WpuffCBD Kosher Kush.

Whichever flavor you choose, the important thing is to be satisfied. Opt for the flavor that will give you the maximum satisfaction.

Indeed, Wpuff has now entered the puff community. All Wpuffs are practical, easy to use, and require no adjustment, you just have to inhale to have the desired amount of vapor cloud and choose the nicotine level or CBD level that suits you while vaping. . In addition, it has many flavors to choose from, whether nicotine or CBD. Its objective is to meet the needs of vapers on vapological withdrawal. Not only does it provide different classic flavors but it can even give hemp taste lovers more satisfaction. For this we can cite the Wpuff CBD which are disposable electronic cigarettes with cannabis flavor.

Whoever you are, beginners or lovers of the vape, nicotine or CBD, do not miss your desires, and enjoy the Wpuff disposable cigarette.


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