The Aroma King puff

Sep 24, 2022

What is the Aroma King puff?

We hear about the puff, it is a disposable electronic cigarette equipped with a puff counter that determines its lifespan. It is an electronic cigarette already pre-filled with e-liquid with an integrated battery or not and easy to use.

Now let's talk about the Puff Aroma King, it is part of the disposable electronic cigarette and it is produced by the Aroma King brand. However, it differs by its flavor which is very close to the electronic Chicha. We can therefore say that the Aroma King puff is a mix between electronic hookah and electronic cigarette which provides a very different flavor from other disposable puffs.

What are the features of the Aroma King disposable electronic cigarette?

The Aroma King disposable vape is an e-cigarette pre-filled with 2 ml of e-liquid, with a 550 mAh battery of autonomy which is already integrated in its tube. The cartridge of this e-cigarette can give up to 600 and 700 puffs which can produce a large amount of vapor.

These Aroma king puffs are available without nicotine but also with a nicotine level of 10 and 20 mg/ml according to your needs.

With the simplicity of the puff aroma king, it is ideal for beginner vapers and also an effective method to start quitting smoking.

The puff has a very thin design, light and very easy to transport. It comes in the form of a small tube 11.5 cm long and weighs 34 grams. Thanks to its small size and small footprint, it can slip easily into your backpack or even into your pocket, which makes it easy to transport wherever you want. It can also offer the possibility of obtaining large clouds of vapor and a white, intense and very surprising smoke. This large amount of steam will allow you to find the sensation of the taste of your favorite shisha that you want, without the risk of leakage, and with simplicity.

What are the different flavors of the Aroma King puff?

The Puff Aroma King offers you a multitude of intense and pleasant flavors with a different fruity, gourmet and classic blend.

Here is a list of flavors that the Aroma king brand has provided in the puffs:

AK-Strawberry Ice: a delicious strawberry flavor accompanied by ice.

AK-Peach Ice: a delicious flavor of icy peach and deliciously sweet.

AK-Cool Mango: a sweet and fruity mango flavor combined with a touch of menthol for more cooling.

AK-Bubblegum: a gourmet flavor of sweet and delicious chewing gum.

AK-Red Apple Anise: a crunchy red apple flavor mixed with a touch of anise.

AK-Unicorn Shake: A mix of everything with everything, mixed fruits, milkshake, sweets and ice cream but all in a brilliant combination, simply delicious!

AK-Grape Ice: A juicy and refreshing iced grape flavor.

AK-Green Apple: a crunchy and deliciously good green apple taste.

AK-Blueberry Ice: a sweet and fruity taste of blueberries combined with a hint of refreshing menthol.

AK-Kiwi Strawberry:: a delicious and fruity blend of kiwi and strawberry.

AK-Mixed Berry: mixed berries, the berries come together and give a real explosion of taste.

AK-Energy Drink: a sweet and delicious vaporizing energy drink, fresh from the fridge.

AK-Blueberry Bubblegum: a delicious blueberry chewing gum.

AK - Monster: Inspired by the famous energy drink, which provides the ultimate thrill with every puff, an awesome taste of a monster squirted into your mouth.

AK-Cola: a sparkling cola drink that offers an intense and pleasant flavor.

AK-Strawberry Ice Cream: A smooth strawberry ice cream that is sweet, creamy and soft.

AK-Mango Apple Pear: a fruity and delicious blend of mango, pear and apple.

AK-Banana Ice: a flavor of a creamy and frozen banana.

AK-Grape Energy: An energizing grape juice flavor that provides endless sips of sour, sweet bliss.

AK-Pineapple: a juicy and deliciously good pineapple taste.

AK-Pink Lemonade: A flavor of freshness with the mixture of pink grapefruit and a delicious soda.

AK-Ice Skittles: a confectionery mix capturing a rainbow of colorful candy flavors fused together skittles

AK-Lychee Ice: A juicy and delicious lychee flavor refreshed with a touch of ice.

AK-Berry Peach: the fresh and sweet taste of the mixture of berries and peaches gives you a moment of pure happiness.

AK-Cotton Candy: A sweet and fruity cotton candy flavor that will transport you back in time.

AK-Orange Soda: A sparkling and delicious flavor of orange soda.

AK-Blue Razz Bull: A blend of black currants and blueberries that delivers an ultra-fruity and delicious flavor.

AK-Watermelon Ice: Juicy watermelon flavor refreshed with a touch of ice.

AK - Cheryy Ice: a delicious cherry ice cream to taste at any time.

AK - Blue Razz: a delicious blend of blue fruits with blueberry and raspberry.

AK - Blue Sour Raspberry: an acid and fruity taste of raspberry.

AK-Blueberry Pomegranate: a sweet taste of Blueberry accompanied by a Pomegranate to give a very fruity and delicious flavor.

AK-Blue Raz Cherry: a delicious and ultra-fruity flavor of a mixture of blue raspberry and cherry.

AK-Strawberry Guava: an extremely successful composition of sweet and juicy strawberries, complemented by a fruity guava.

AK-Hawaiia Pog: a fresh blend of passion fruit, orange and guava that takes you on a trip to Hawaii.

AK-Strawberry cake: a flavor of a delicious and sweet cake mixed with strawberries.

Ak-Guava: a sweet and creamy taste of guava fruit.

Ak-Mint: a fresh mint flavor with a sweet taste.

Ak-Menthol: a powerful mint flavor with freshness.

Ak-Watermelon bull: an energizing drink of very fresh watermelon.

AK-Raspberry Peach: a blend of flavors with ripe raspberry and juicy peach.

AK-Tobacco: a classic blond flavor with an intense and delicious tobacco taste.

In summary, the Aroma king brand now belongs to the world of puff and has different flavors to choose from which are very intense and delicious. These flavors mix the electronic shisha and the electronic cigarette which provides an excellent taste of an electronic cigarette capable of satisfying the needs of each vaper. Whether you are a beginner, or an intermediate vaper or even a vaping expert, Aroma King offers you a fruity and delicious electronic cigarette with an electronic shisha flavor. So make your choice on the flavors and opt for a puff cigarette that will make you happy when vaping with the Aroma King puff.


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